Yolanda Rose

Fashion Designer

While Hair maybe the first passion project, Fashion has always been my first love. I have spent valuable time cultivating a collection of designer bags, shoes and clothing that made me feel proud and accomplished.

In my past life I worked for Ralph Lauren, Coach, Marithe + Francois Girbaud and Banana Republic. I always surrounded myself with Brands that are timeless but had a cutting edge. Throughout the years I learned that luxury doesn’t always have to base on the sticker price. Luxury was, is a feeling. A feeling that you feel when you wear something that makes you feel alive.

Blanc Noir New York was created to house all of my favorite things. While researching manufacturers to bring all my style ideas to life, I am starting with a controlled collection as I continue to develop more products, with great quality, keeping trendy, all while having a classic appeal. Please take the journey with me. I promise you won’t be disappointed. So let’s take a journey together and BeCrowned, BeHeeled, BeShaped, BeJeweled and BeLashed by Blanc Noir New York.

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