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Lace Options Frontal (13 x 4)

BlancNoir frontals are made with 100% virgin human hair and the highest quality of Swiss Lace. Very durable and long lasting. Offers a natural hair line and baby hairs around the perimeter. Frontals and Closures should be handled with care to ensure longevity. Frontals and Closures can be dyed, colored and curled.

Note for the lovelies with extra melanin you will need to tint your lace.

Frontals and Closures offers full protection of your natural tresses. Take advance of this extra protection.

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General Hair Desc:

Natural brown shades, double weft, low shedding, no tangling, durable, long lasting, no chemicals, no split ends, healthy, shiny, soft to the touch, full, thick, can be dyed any color, 100% virgin human hair

How to care your curly hair extensions:

Natural Curlywave / Waterwave / Deepwave – to keep your curls lively and bouncy – spray hair with a light mixture of water and conditioner. When hair is saturated to your desire, apply a generous amount of conditioner to the hair and scrunch the ends.

Life Cycle of hair:

With care these beautiful BlancNoir Extension will remain healthy, shiny and naturally looking for 1-2 years. Please treat these extensions as your own.

General care instructions:

Treat these extensions as an extension of your natural hair. Wash as often as you desire. BlancNoir recommends towel dry, apply a light amount of conditioner to keep the hair soft and then comb through. You should comb from the bottom and work your way up. Air dry if possible to prevent shedding. Wrap hair at night and sleep with satin/silk wrap. For curly hair 2-4 braids and wrap hair at night with satin/silk head wrap.


HD Lace, Regular Lace


16”, 18”, 20”


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